Sunday, January 14, 2018

MDP World! New MLM Launching with E-commerce System!

A new company in the name of MDP World, Inc., is launching this coming January 27, 2018. With a revolutionary system, it will be the first company to offer this here in Philippines. Here are some of the advantages that the company is offering.

1. E-commerce System - as a member, you will have your own replicated website like wherein your customer can order thru your site. Meaning, you will have your own online shop! The website will do the explanation of each product and the opportunity for you.
You will be notified about all your customers' orders and if someone will join your organization. 
2. COD and Dropship system - once your customers place their orders, the company will handle the deliveries via Cash on Delivery system. If there is no available COD on your customers' area, dropship system will be offered. Payment will be deposited or remitted to the company and they will do the shipping for you! Literally, you can work from home! Imagine, even if you are an OFW, you can have your business here in Philippines. No need to stock your own product inventory! Your retail income will be credited to your account.
3. One account policy - only 1 account per name will be allowed per distributor. This means you will be able to support your group properly since your option is to put all your direct members either to your left or right group (no kamada system). So you better act fast, because if you will be one of the first members that will join this company, you can expect spillovers from your uplines! 
4. Controlled pricing - One of the problems that we encounter in networking is underpricing! Once the product is already known in the market, you can see them in Divisoria or in Lazada with a very low price. This often leads to the downfall of the company and affects all distributors. With the system MDP World Inc. is offering, you can be assured that no underpricing will happen, since everyone is required to purchase the products thru the website at SRP. Don't worry if you are a member, 40% rebates will be credited to your account and can be encashed on a weekly basis.
5. Great products - One of the flagship products that MDP World, Inc. is offering is the Kirei Gluta with Japan technology ( Another product is Longev8 (longevate). More products will be included soon, since the goal is to build an online shop that includes even the basic commodities that you need.

Please watch the video below for details of marketing plan:
(note: video uploaded January 14, 2018, you might see some changes in the future)

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