Sunday, January 28, 2018

MDP World Soft Launching - January 27, 2018

MDP World, Inc is now finally open!

Here are the few details that you need to know about MDP World, Inc.

The first in the Philippines to show the company's "Live Global Pool". It consists point system FAST START BONUS for your new Direct Referral. MATCHING BONUS for the pair referral, UNILEVEL Bonus for your earned CV points and RANKING BONUS. 

A very unique E-commerce system for aspiring Entrepreneurs which can be enjoyed even at the comfort of Online and Offline Marketing. 

MDP World Inc. offers 

  • Quality and exclusive products.
  • Inventory and Sales Monitoring
  • Cash on Delivery (Selected Area)
  • Client’s Mode of Payment
  • 24/7 Back Office System
  • Self-Replicated Website
  • Drop ship/Drop-by system
MDP World Inc. is a Multi-Level Marketing company that offers Centralized Dropshipping Program and Trending High Quality Products that will help to improve quality of life. You can earn up to 40% retail profit. 

Centralized Dropshipping Program - As a retailer you can sell a variety of products without ever having to stock any inventory. Our Company will cater the delivery to your clients for you.

Highlights of the program:
1. Kirei Glutathione available by 2nd week of February
2. System will be live by February 01, 2018
3. More products coming within the next 3 to 6 months
4. All distributors who will achieved the rank of Silver Executive until March 31, 2018 will receive a trip to Hongkong as incentive!
5. Branch operators' meeting
6. MDP Pay System coming soon
7. MDP App launching soon! With loading and remittance system

Here are some of our pictures during soft launching:
MDP World Team Blessings 2.0

With our Chairman, Lowel Magdadaro

Meeting with our Chairman

With our VP for Training and Business Development, Coach Warren

Tarlac Team with Coach Warren

While waiting

Fullhouse Soft Launching

Team Cabanatuan with Coach Warren

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